Nerve Pain: Causes & Natural Treatments Guide

Nerve Pain: Causes & Natural Treatments Guide

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The onset of nerve pain can be pretty scary. Not only do you have to worry about pain, you wonder if you’ll be able to function like you used to. This is where natural treatments come in.

According to recent statistics, nearly 25% of Americans are diagnosed with a chronic pain condition. Nerve pain is among the most common due to how easy it can come about. While genetics can play a factor, age and lifestyle are the top contributors to nerve pain. If you suspect you’re experiencing nerve pain, read on.

There are many practical, natural treatments to reduce your nerve pain and improve your quality of life. 

Defining Nerve Pain

What is nerve pain, exactly? For starters, this term is short for neuropathic damage. Your nerves are responsible for carrying pain signals to the brain, which makes this issue rather unique.

Unlike being cut or bruised, nerve damage usually pops up within the body. Due to these more subtle signs, many people will write off the problem as something else. Nerve pain is separated into the following categories:

  • Pudendal, which affects the muscle area between the thighs
  • Occipital, which affects the back of the neck and head
  • Post-herpetic, a side-effect of recovering from shingles

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What are Signs of Nerve Pain Damage?

Nerve pain is relatively easy to spot due to its symptoms. If you’ve ever felt a burning or stinging sensation inside your skin, you’re likely dealing with nerve pain.

A little bit of nerve pain once in a while isn’t a cause for alarm. Your body is constantly shifting and evolving in response to your diet, lifestyle, and mental health. If you experience pain several times per week, it’s possible you have a chronic condition. 

The best known elements of nerve pain look like the following sensations throughout the body:

  • Burning 
  • Stinging
  • Itching
  • Twitching
  • Shooting
  • Hypersensitivity
  • A mixture of the above

Hemp works even better with other ingredients. We designed our brand to give people the best of all worlds without lofty promises or high prices.

The Causes of Nerve Pain in Adults

Nerve pain comes from a wide variety of sources. On one hand, it’s easy to experience this type of chronic pain. On the other hand, this condition is often easy to treat, too. 

Heavy Drinking

A little alcohol once in a while is fine. Chronic drinking is extremely damaging to the body and leads to issues such as liver failure, alcoholism, and nerve damage. 

This diagnosis refers to four or five drinks per day or fourteen drinks per week. 


Have you ever come down with shingles? This illness originates from the virus that causes chicken pox, staying dormant in your spine unless it’s triggered. Common triggers for shingles include a drastically weakened immune system, age, and undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

A common side-effect of shingles is nerve pain, which feels like stabbing, twitching, or stinging sensations.

Serious Brain Injury

Brain injuries tend to have nerve pain as a side-effect. This issue is due to your pain receptors being compromised and struggling to line up properly with your environment. 

Sciatica Diagnosis

Lower back pain is another widespread issue among working American adults. Sciatica is a condition where the lower back experiences too much pressure, pinching the nerves and restricting movement.


You may have heard this term before. This frequent contributor to nerve pain is often triggered by stress, lack of sleep, and fatigue.

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What are Natural Treatments for Nerve Pain?

It’s understandable to be nervous about treating nerve pain. Fortunately, natural treatments have great success rates for mild to moderate conditions.

Hemp Muscle Rub

We know the last thing you need when treating nerve pain is a lot of difficulty. Our Hemp Muscle Rub combines hemp, menthol, and Chinese herbs for maximum impact. To top things off, this treatment method is easy to use in our new roll on format. 

CBD is highly effective for managing daily pain, able to be consumed in oil or gummi forms.

Low-Intensity Exercise

While exercise sounds unpleasant with nerve pain, this habit is reliable for reducing pain and stiffness.

We recommend discussing an exercise plan with your doctor so you don’t inadvertently make your issue worse. Low-intensity exercises you can try to reduce nerve pain include:

  • Yoga
  • Low-intensity jazzercise
  • Walking
  • Slow cycling
  • Stretching


An ancient technique of reducing nerve pain is acupuncture. This method is also frequently used for fibromyalgia and stiff shoulders.

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Don’t Suffer From Nerve Pain Any Longer

Nerve pain is an issue that affects millions of American adults. While you may feel frustrated trying to tackle the source, temporary remedies exist to soothe your symptoms.

Our Hemp Muscle Rub is an effective treatment, able to be applied on-site for quick results. We recommend getting an official diagnosis from your family doctor so you can get the best possible solution. Exercise, acupuncture, and lifestyle changes are a few ways of reducing your symptoms.

Give yourself easy pain relief. Contact us today to try our effective hemp products for nerve pain, stiffness, and soreness.

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